Can I fill out my application online?

Yes you can! Most of our candidates begin the application process online, and then complete orientation in our office.

Does it cost anything to apply?

Absolutely not! Our application process is completely free.

Once I've completed the process, how long does it take before I will be called for a shift?

We will do our best to book you for a shift before you leave.

Is there a 'minimum shift(s) worked' requirement?

Yes. We have a 2 shift minimum work requirement per month. Since we are a PRN Staffing Agency, we do work around your schedule and we do our best to offer you shifts based on the availability you have given us.

How often will I be paid?

Weekly, via Direct Deposit or Pay Card.

Where are my assignments going to be located?

We service a variety of clients throughout the USA. You can indicate your preferences during the availability process.

Will I get taxes taken out of my check?

Yes. You will be an employee of AMS, and all necessary taxes will be withheld on each pay check. A W2 will be sent at the end of the year.

Do I have to reapply if I haven’t accepted a shift in a while?

No. Once you have been through orientation, as long as you keep your credentials updated and complete the annual review, you can stay registered for as long as you like!